Descend is an open source program for drawing 3D surfaces from parametric equations. It uses a custom, very fast language called Misc to calculate the geometry. It also uses OpenGL to render scenes with high quality shaders.

  • Drawing 3D surfaces and curves from parametric equations
  • Complex objects and scenes consisting of multiple curves and surfaces
  • Different colors and calculated per-vertex colors
  • OpenGL with custom shaders for high quality rendering
  • Custom, very fast language called Misc with built-in vertex and matrix types

View the gallery of images created using Descend.


The Windows installers can be used to install or update Descend on Windows 7 or newer. Graphic drivers with OpenGL 3.3 or newer are required to run this program.

Descend is free software licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license.


Descend 0.2 released

The first official version of Descend is available for download. It's quite simple, but it's already possible to create quite impressive graphs and scenes, as you can see in the screenshots. Descend comes with three built-in project templates that you can use when creating a new project, so you can quickly start playing and experimenting with it. Also don't forget to check the documentation, available by pressing F1 and clicking the Quick Guide button.