Descend is an open source program for drawing 3D surfaces from parametric equations. It uses a custom, very fast language called Misc to calculate the geometry. It also uses OpenGL to render scenes with high quality shaders.

Draw curves and surfaces in three dimensions, calculated from parametric equations. It is also possible to draw complex objects and scenes consisting of multiple curves and surfaces organized in a tree hierarchy.

Define colors for each object and groups of objects. Surfaces can be drawn with a different color for the front and back face. Colors can be calculated using equations and dynamically calculated per-vertex color can also be used.

Render scenes using OpenGL with high quality Phong lighting. Descend requires OpenGL version 3.3 or newer and a compatible graphics card. Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers for best performance.

A language called Misc is used to calculate scene geometry. It was designed to perform calculations much faster than most other scripting languages. It has built-in vertex and matrix types, mathematical functions and operators. It also supports user-defined functions, conditional statements and loops.

You can see examples of scenes created using Descend in the screenshots gallery.